Do we need to license other software?

MealManage is an end-to-end platfrom for Capturing Meal orders and Distribution of meals. No other software licence is needed.

  Does the system work with free and reduced lunch sales?

Yes, Our system supports parents to submit the free and reduced lunch applications from parent dashboard. Also it support schools with free and reduced lunch sales

  How do I manage students in different schools?

From parent dashboard, you can manage multiple students profilles from different schools, if all schools are using MealManage platform.

  Can multiple administrators have access?

Yes, School admin can add any number of administrators for his/her school.

  How will this improve our efficiency?

By reducing the manual effort to capture meal orders, tracking meal distribution and accounting. This will school staff time, which can be re-utilized for other school functions.

  What about students with allergies?

Parents can record the student allergies in respective student profiles, which will provide alerts while ordering meals.

  How do you handle families who don't have technology at home?

Families can reach out to school admin to submit orders on behalf of them or submit paper order to school which will be submitted manually in the system.

  Is your Login process secured?

Yes our login process is fully safe and secure. Parents can register all the devices they intend to use. Registration link is provided only after authentication.

  Is your payment process secured?

Yes our payment processing matchs industry standard PCI compliance. Your secured payment information is not stored by MealManage.