What Schools can do with

MealManage provides one stop integrated solution to manage school meal programs. MealManage can be used by School districts, Charter schools, Private schools or Caterers. MealManage facilitates end-to-end process including Free & Reduced eligibility applications across all states. With MealManage, schools have flexibility around menus and payments. MealManage also integrates with all popular SIS platforms for seemless data updates.

All-in-One Solution

Manage Free and Reduced application process

Online application process by parents. Online approval by school. Automated reports for state reporting.

Menu and Orders Management

Create, Edit and Publish Meal Menu's real-time. Manage and process submitted orders

School On-boarding

Quick and Easy On-Boarding of school including class and student details. Easy integration with SIS if needed.

POS for Meal Distribution and Balance

Easy-to-use Mobile POS for cafeteria to track meal distribution and update meal balances real-time

Extensive Reports

View and Export reports on eligbility, orders, payments, audit and more. Custom reports available.


Send custom and automated notifications to parents via single click. No manual follow-ups.


SIS Integrations Available

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