• School On-boarding

    Easy On-Boarding via customized registration link from MealManage, create school & admin profile

  • School and Payment Account Setup

    Easy setup of school, year, payment account, menus and import of data

  • Menu and Orders Management

    Create, Edit and Publish Meal Menu's real-time. Manage and process submitted orders

  • Meal Distribution and Balance

    Easy-to-use Mobile app for cafeteria to track meal distribution and update meal balances real-time

  • Reports

    View and Export reports on orders, payments, audit and more

  • Notifications

    Send custom and automated notifications to parents via single click

Features for Schools

  Manage Breakfast and Lunch Menus
  Automate notifications
  Online meal ordering
  Online Payments
  Manage meal distribution and balances
  Extensive Reports
  • Interactive Dashboard to view the quick snapshot of Orders, Students and Payments
  • Meal Order reports
  • Caterer report
  • Student Allergies report
  • Free/Reduced Price Lunch Eligibility report
  • Meal Balance deposit reports
  • Audit reports
  • many more...
  • Simple Registration

    Register your device using the link in your email address or from

  • Dashboard

    View all your children from different schools in a single dashboard

  • Order Meals Hassle free

    From dashboard, you can order meals using the ORDER MEAL option for each student and pay on-line as well

  • Stay in Control

    Add allergies using the add allergy option to ensure right meals for your children

  • Manage Orders & Notifications

    Easily manage orders and notifications from school as you like from our user friendly dashboard

Features for Parents

  Manage student profiles from different schools from a single secured dashboard
  Get real-time notifications when schools publishes breakfast and lunch menus
  View and submit meal orders
  Pay on-line
  Add allergy info and get alerted while ordering meal items
  Receive and manage notifications from schools
  Check and submit Free/Reduced meal eligibility application from parent dashboard