Easily Manage School
Meals Online
  • No manual and tedious paper forms
  • Manage Menus, Orders, Payments and Notifications
  • Quick onboarding of schools and Integration with student information system
  • Automated event notifications like menu upload or cutoff times
  • Mobile application to manage lunch distribution and total balances
  • Multiple automated reports for school to manage meal program effeciently
  • Single login and single dashboard for parents to manage multiple students
  • Parents can easily communicate and manage special needs & allergies
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Manage menus, Secured Payments, Lunch balances, Meal orders & distribution, Automated notifications, Free & Reduced lunch applications, and Extensive reports.

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Managing meals programs is easy and online with MealManage


Manage multiple students from a single dashboard, Easy login, View menus, Order meals, Pay Online, Manage allergies & Notifications.

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Using MealManage Order and Pay Online in advance for meal purchases

What Schools can do with MealManage?

Manage Students

Manage notifications with parents. Manage Free & Reduced meal applications. More....

Menu Management

Manage menus online. Schedule menu publishing and notifications. Edit menu as needed.

Order Management

Collect & submit meal orders to food provider. Manage menu change notifications.

Payments & Meal Distribution

Accept secure payments online. Mobile app to manage lunch balances.

Automated Reports

Extensive reports including Orders, Payments, Lunch transactions, Audit etc.

What Parents can do with MealManage?

Manage Student Profiles

Manage multiple students from a single secured dashboard. Easy secured login.

View and submit meal orders

Submit meal orders from any device. Manage food allergies.

Payments & Balances

Pay online and view available balances. Receive low balance notifications

Receive Notifications

Receive notifications from school for Menu upload & Menu changes, Cutoff times etc.

Eligibility Application

Check and apply for free and reduced lunch eligibility


As a Food Service Director, this program has saved me hours of manual work! It is very easy to use on the management side and parents are loving the simplicity of ordering school lunches in a snap! The graphs for tracking history help us monitor which items are creating the most food waste so we can make the proper corrections which in the long run also saves money. With the click of a button I track payments, who qualifies for free/reduced meals, who ordered on a specific day and much, much more! I highly recommend this product for any size school!

Renae Niesen
Food Service Director
Challenge Charter School

MealManage has saved us a lot time and resources. I would spend half an hour copying the menus each month and sorting the menus by class, and now with Meal Manage I do not have to do that. Also we are saving on the cost of resources (paper and toner). I also like it because it in an all in one program. You can order lunches and pay for lunches all in the same program. This is great time saver for parents. I would recommend Meal Manage to any size school or district

James MacNamara
Compliance Officer / Registrar
Challenge Charter School

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