Parents - Solutions

What Parents can do with MealManage?

Manage Student Profiles

Manage multiple students from a single secured dashboard. Easy secured login.

View and submit meal orders

Submit meal orders from any device. Manage food allergies.

Payments & Balances

Pay online and view available balances. Receive low balance notifications

Receive Notifications

Receive notifications from school for Menu upload & Menu changes, Cutoff times etc.

Eligibility Application

Check and apply for free and reduced lunch eligibility

  • Simple Registration

    Register your device using the link in your email address or from

  • Dashboard

    View all your children from different schools in a single dashboard

  • Order Meals Hassle free

    From dashboard, you can order meals using the ORDER MEAL option for each student and pay on-line as well

  • Stay in Control

    Add allergies using the add allergy option to ensure right meals for your children

  • Manage Orders & Notifications

    Easily manage orders and notifications from school as you like from our user friendly dashboard

Features for Parents

  Manage student profiles from different schools from a single secured dashboard
  Get real-time notifications when schools publishes breakfast and lunch menus
  View and submit meal orders
  Pay on-line
  Add allergy info and get alerted while ordering meal items
  Receive and manage notifications from schools
  Check and submit Free/Reduced meal eligibility application from parent dashboard
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