What Parents can do with

MealManage provides a user friendly & intuitive interface for parents. Parents can use MealManage via iOS & Android apps or Web browser. Parents do not need multiple logins and accounts with MealManage. For parent support please review FAQs or click - Parent Support

All-in-One Solution

Registration from any Device

Use iOS, Android or Web apps. Register your device using the link in your email or use link MealManage

One Dashboard

View & Manage all your students from a single dashboard. Multiple logins and accounts are not needed.

Menus, Allergies, Meal ordering & Payments

View menus, Manage Allergies, Order meals and Pay online.

Manage Applications

Apply for individual or family applications online.

Reports & Notifications

View transaction & order reports. Easily manage notifications

Parent Support

For Parent support please click - Parent Support

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