MealManage provides paperless & online solution for managing school meal programs. Our software provides an integrated solution for schools, parents and meal providers. It enables parents to manage students, order meals and pay online. It enables schools to manage demand and distribution of meals. It provides easy ways for schools and parents to communicate via notifications. Extensive automated reports to remove any paperwork or manual effort. Our software has enabled schools to save hundreds of hours in manual work performed by admins and teachers. With MealManage no other software or license is needed. Please contact us to learn how our software works and how it benefits schools, parents and meal providers.


Parent Login/Registration

  • Quick authentication with either your Phone or Email
  • Device based login, hence no need to remember passwords
  • Easily register your new device

Parent Dashboard

  • Easy view of the meal orders you placed
  • Easily manage multiple kids from single account
  • Pay Online and apply for Free and reduced lunch programs
  • Manage Food Allergies

Parent - Meal Orders

  • Neatly organized menu for quick glance and selection
  • Filter out items allergic to your kids
  • Make and communicate changes anytime before cuttoff without worrying for corrections!
  • View previous orders

Parent - Payments

  • Safe and secure online payments
  • MealManage doesnt store the payment infomration
  • Check balances

Meal Distribution

  • Distribute meals using simple mobile application
  • Application updates the balances and generates reports
  • Using any mobile device

Parent - Notifications

  • Get/Send notifications for different updates and events like menu uploads, cutoff times etc.
  • Get notifications for meals not suitable for particular allergies, and sickness

School- Reports

  • Multiple reports for schools with Zero Manual work
  • Reports around Meal Orders, Distribution, free lunches etc.

School - Menu Management

  • Quick simple step to upload Menu each time
  • Send notifications for upload

School Admin Dashboard

  • Intelligent dashboard to manage and plan the meal program
  • Analytics to help you make efficient decisions
  • Manage order and activities for all students from one place

Manage School

  • Setup School year dates and AF
  • Setup meal prices and reimbursement meal prices for federal audit reports
  • Setup school contact info and meal benefits information

School - Free/Reduced Lunch applications

  • Free/Reduced Lunch eligibility application review and approval flow
  • Application status will be synced with meal prices and lunch balance adjustments
  • Send Benifits letters to approved applicats from app

School - Manage Orders

  • View order history and place lunch orders from admin side
  • Track and Send order remanider notifications
  • Notify Lunch item changes and cancellations to parents

School - Manage Lunch Balances

  • Import lunch balances in batch
  • Add lunch balance payments from differnt sources
  • Transfer lunch balances across siblings

School - Data Sync from SIS

  • Automate the updates from School Master to MealManage
  • Easily configurable data sync process for any Student information System
  • Secure Automated backup all the time, so no need to worry about data loss

School - Low Balance Notification

  • Configurable template for Low lunch balance notification email
  • Manage limits and schedule the for Low lunch balance notifications to parents

School - Manage Studetns

  • Import and manage students by Grade
  • Send activation links and track registration status