For Schools

  1. Account Setup – We will set up school account in our system. After the setup process is complete, our team will send the school access link to school admin and train school employees to use the simple tool to manage students, menus and reports.
  2. Easy Communication – School could utilize the built in alert function to notify all parents of meal orders and other important notifications.
  3. Reporting – One click reports generation for schools to manage meals.

For Parents

  1. Account Creation – Parents will receive email notification through email once the school has entered parents’ email into the school system. Parents could click the link in the email to go directly to the parent portal to start ordering meal for students.
  2. Notifications – Parents will receive notification for upcoming meal orders, order cutoff times, and other important notifications from school.
  3. Watch Video – Learn How to Use -


Meal Providers

  1. Planning of meals is easy - With meal manage, the meal providers are well aware of the orders in advance and can plan their raw materials and other resources
  2. Food waste is greatly reduced - Because of the planned process, meal providers are able to reduce any wastage thereby increasing their profitability
  3. Tracking of orders is real-time - It is easy for the providers to now track the status of the orders in real time whether it is in ordering phase, preparing phase, delivering phase or already delivered


For Students

  1. No More Delays - With mealmanage, the delays in lunch delivery is reduced because all the stakeholders can access the status
  2. No Wrong Orders - Because of the automated process, the chance of human error is significantly reduced thus ensuring that the only the right lunch order is delivered
  3. Managing Health - All the orders can be accessed via the dashboard and thus students and parents can ensure that meals can be planned according to their nutrient value