All-in-One Meal Program Solution
for Schools & K-12 Caterers

Districts & Schools

Mobile POS & Secure online payments, Manage menus & analysis, Meal orders & distribution, Inventory & Production records, Manage free & reduced eligibility applications and Extensive reports

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Manage multiple schools programs, Flexible menu management and analysis, Interactive dashboard and reporting, Demand forecast & payments

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Manage multiple students from a single dashboard, Easy login, View menus, Pre-Order meals, Pay online, Manage allergies & notifications. iOS and Andriod apps for easy use.

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As a Food Service Director, MealManage program has saved me hours of manual work! It is very easy to use on the management side and parents are loving the simplicity of ordering school lunches in a snap! The graphs for tracking history help us monitor which items are creating the most food waste so we can make the proper corrections which in the long run also saves money. With the click of a button I track payments, who qualifies for free/reduced meals, who ordered on a specific day and much, much more! I highly recommend this product for any size school!

Renae Niesen
Food Service Director
Challenge Charter School

MealManage has turned what was once a very manual, laborious task into one that takes a fraction of the time to complete. Before Meal Manage, there was a tremendous amount of paper creation, verbal reminders, and keyboarding . . . from copying and distributing menus to collecting checks and cash, sending reminders of looming deadlines, and creating labels by hand. With MealManage, after the menu is created (using the easy-to-follow template), a few clicks later, and the menu is published to the parents who can use their debit/credit cards when ordering. MealManage automatically sends two reminders before the ordering deadline, and the labels are created with a few keystrokes. Our Business Office is pleased with the automated process, and many parents share with me how happy they are with the program’s ease of use. MealManage is one of those rare products that actually delivers! I highly recommend MealManage and the wonderful team behind this program.

Leslie Walters
Executive Assistant to the Head of School
Falmouth Academy

We have been using MealManage for over three years now. It is a great time saver all around for both the parents and the school admin side.Before we used to have to copy each menu and order form for every student, send those home, then the parents would send those paper order forms back to us. MealManage eliminates all of this, huge time saver. It also cuts down on the use of paper. From an IT side, we also have it integrated with our Student Information System so that it exports each night to MealManage. We only have to keep the information current in one system and MealManage does the rest for us when they get the export. As a parent myself, using this software for my own children, it is very easy to use. Quick and efficient. You also get an e-mail confirmation once you place the order. Since it is all digital you do not have to worry about losing the order form or never getting one, it goes right to your inbox. I would highly recommend MealManage to any school or organization looking to purchase a meal software program. MealManage team is great to work with.

James MacNamara
Compliance Officer / Registrar
Challenge Charter School

My experience with MealManage has been great. Despite your online ordering system being developed for a different lunch program, your team was able to promptly adapt and alter that system to suit my catering needs. Program is working great for all our needs. It is 100% up all the time and has great performance.

Ameer Gamali
Business Developement
Marnys Co